Through researching in the field of practical professional education, CorEdu is contributing to the factor that future employees are trained to fit the requirements of the labour market.


The transformation of professional training requires the analysis of prospects and parameters, which provide the basis for sustainable concepts.


Country Studies


CorEdu develops country studies on the professional training with various foci. Depending on the research theme, CorEdu works together with local partners. CorEdu also contributes with internationality and experience from various sectors of the professional education from all European and non-European countries.



As desired, concepts and methods for the implementation of country studies are developed and adapted to the specific topic.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies in the practice-oriented training


CorEdu has a special commitment for the promotion of the practice-oriented training in countries with a scholastic educational system. A training that is designed on the basis of the requirement of practical experience enhances the employment relationship of the individual and it also ensures the availability of professionals for companies in the present and the future.


Worldwide, the German dual educational system is seen as a successful system for the educational training. It ensures that future professionals are trained to a level that is appropriate for the demands of the job market. There is a high interest in knowledge and experience from Germany, especially in countries with the scholastic system of professional training. One has to keep in mind that systems of professional training have their specifics, which demand individual arrangements and county-specific strategies. CorEdu holds a comprehensive repertoire of tested cooperative models for training.


CorEdu develops concepts in the framework of international cooperation with vocational schools, companies and political policymakers. These concepts aim for the specific requirements of the partners. Additionally, CorEdu analyses and evaluates the practicability of the existing concepts and strategies of the cooperation partners and develops suggestions for optimisation.


CorEdu creates independently and with professional competency reports in various contexts of the vocational training. 



As an external evaluator, CorEdu performs objective and special assessment. As an independent authority, CorEdu introduces constructive proposals for the governance and optimisation.


By way of example, reports can be created with regards to the following (this list is just an excerpt):

  • strategies and concepts for vocational education and training,
  • didactic and methodic design of syllabi and training plans as well as contents for further education,
  • methods for the implementation of practically oriented vocational training.