The essence of every human being is based on his drive to learn. Whether through positive or negative experiences, in the classroom or through further education, knowledge, skills and competences that have been obtained by the formal, informal or non-formal way, shape the personality of each and every one of us.

Our vision

The world is in a constant state of change. World-changing innovations are just as important to us as the small progress that influence our lives in small steps.


Innovation comes only through free spirit, first-class education and versatile networks. We are committed to ensuring that each individual receives the support needed to develop his free spirit and competences according to personal and professional needs. In doing so, we rely on our knowledge, experience and extensive networks that enable us to provide our customers with the support they need to take their first step or to continue their journey.


Our vision is guided by the conviction that the individual, as part of society, a culture or a system, is capable of bringing about innovation and change through the use of personal and professional resources, but also to promote the meaningful stability and necessary stability in his environment. The focus here is on the individual: on his knowledge, his ideas, his motivation, his experiences and his will.

Our Mission

Our task is to identify opportunities, promote competencies, and identify ways to personal and professional development. We do this through our vocational education and training programs and through national and international vocational education and training co-operation.


We look forward to cooperating and exchanging knowledge and experience with you!


CorEdu contributes to the Success of your vocational education and training and further training within a project work, feasibility study or country study or within a strategic planning. 

We bring together Ideas, we connect different interests to a common aim and we elaborate strategies to foster the vocational education and training as well as the further training.

Cooperation means for CorEdu to bundle knowledge and experiences of our partners purposeful, with the aim to work together and to benefit from each other.