ECVET - European credit system for vocational education and training

The principle of ECVET is to make the vocational training comparable in the European countries. On the basis of the orientation on learning outcomes in the vocational training, contents of the training are divided into learning segments and learning outcomes. This helps to make knowledge, skills and competencies transparent.


ECVET was successfully implemented especially in the transnational vocational and further education of apprentices and teachers in vocational training. Depending on the length, timeframe or the context of the training (formal, non-formal, or informal) the learning outcomes are gained. To make these graspable for the participants and to record them systematically, principles of ECVET are implemented. Part of these ECVET principles are wording of learning units and learning outcomes, their assessment, evaluation and documentation. ECVET also contributes to assess and record sustainably what has been learned. The advantage of this process is that the documentation can be used as a potential and certification for the educational biography.


In the function as a consultant in the national team of ECVET experts, CorEdu guides and supports participants, who want to implement the idea of the orientation on learning outcomes in the transnational vocational training and further education. 


Vocational training without borders

Social and economic changes challenge not only the individual but also the participants in the educational sector and the system of the vocational training. Transnational mobility of the employees demands a very good professional knowledge and the willingness to implement the facts and skills they have learned in a different cultural environment. Autonomy and commitment as well as language skills and intercultural competencies are essential.


On the other hand, training companies and vocational schools are subject to constant changes, especially in the framework of the internationalisation of the vocational training. Learning venues, teaching and learning processes as well as teaching and learning outcomes have to stain these changes and have to equip future employees with knowledge and competencies and therefore react to the constantly changing job market and provoke new innovations. 

In the framework of the vocational training, CorEdu offers guidance and counseling to the following topics:

  • Consultancy about transnational mobility of learners and staff
  • Development of an individual strategy in the framework of the internationalisation of the vocational education and training in vocational schools and training companies.
  • Counselling on the opportunities for stays abroad for apprentices as an integral part of the vocational education and training in schools and companies. 
  • Benefits and synergies of multiculturalism in the daily life in a company as well as integration of foreign professionals.
  • Establishment or optimisation of the marketing of the vocational training in the company.   
  • Strategic planning and optimisation of cooperation of the training centers.   
  • Quality management in the process of the vocational training on the basis of an analysis of the desired condition and the actual condition. 

Further education

In collaboration with DIHK-Gesellschaft, CorEdu offers the seminar “Go abroad – How internships abroad make vocational training more attractive” for the vocational training.


Other opportunities in further education offered by CorEdu:


For vocational teachers and training consultants in the context of the marketing of vocational training

  • Stays abroad for apprentices as integral part of the vocational training in the companies 
  • Establishment of marketing for the vocational training in the company - concepts and strategies 


Further education for teachers in the vocational education and training 

  • Practical, transparent, graspable - design and planning of the training on the basis of learning outcomes units and learning outcomes in the daily learning routine of the school 
  • Internationalisation of the vocational education and training - DQR,  Erasmus + and co.

International partnership with the PR China

CorEdu has a special relationship with the People’s Republic of China with regards to the sector of the professional training. Especially the promotion of practically oriented training is important. This happens through the setup of new cooperation and optimisation of existing cooperation between Chinese and German educational institutions. In Germany, the focus is on those institutions in Saxony and more specifically, Leipzig. CorEdu sees this as the central objective.


CorEdu has a local partnership in the People’s Republic of China and a broad network of various institutions in the educational sector.