Project in vocational education and training

The exchange of successful examples from practical training and innovative approaches to solutions in practical education in Europe is in the ascendant. The European Union is the main sponsor and provides resources for their promotion. Frequently, these programmes offer a gain with regards to the specific field as well as the funds for the implementation. For this, specific and thematic expertise as well as structured project management is required.


CorEdu accompanies you from the needs assessment and conception to the design and implementation and finally to the project closure. CorEdu provides a specific range of services that goes beyond the formal project execution. 

This is how CorEdu attends your business to the start of the project:

After the project has started, CorEdu supports the implementation, management and also the administration of your project. CorEdu covers the whole spectrum of formal requirements and continual and financial coverage in compliance with the guidelines of the European Union.


Especially with the international project management, many influencing variables have to be coordinated and considered. Unexpected challenges can arise because of the various working methods, inter-cultural aspects and different languages. These problems have to be overcome. For this, CorEdu is experienced and has successfully finished projects, which are now of high value.

Educational location Germany - Saxony- Leipzig

With project work, CorEdu stresses the dissemination of the various experiences in the vocational training from Leipzig into Europe. Concerning this, CorEdu works with reliable and established cooperation partners of various sectors.   

CorEdu has thematic and topic specific references in the following domains.


For educational institutions in the scholastically training


Teaching methods and contents

Exchange about teaching methods and contents in a specific subject with European colleagues.

Example from practice


Getting to know good example of practice in the realm of the promotion of disadvantaged adolescents in Europe and a possible trial of the methods in the class.

Cultural and professional exchange

Cultural and professional exchange with colleagues of vocational schools and training centers about the daily routine of teaching in vocational training.

Workshops in the specific field

Implementation of workshops with a focus on specialist or interdisciplinary topics in Europe.

Teaching materials or project days

Development of teaching materials or implementation of project days with teachers in vocational training and vocational schools in other countries.

 For educational institutions in the in-company training

Comparison with other European countries

Comparison of the in-company training in different European countries.

Cultural and professional exchange

Exchange of ideas on methods and procedures of the accomplishment of common challenges in the training of adolescents with colleagues from Europe. 

Approaches for innovations


Getting to know innovative specialist work and training contents in a company of another country.

Cooperation and partner

Development of collaborations with European business with regards to a mutual exchange of apprentices.

Further education


Further education  with regards to specialist topics relating to innovative and new approaches in the particular field in a chosen European country. 


As an independent company with longstanding experience in the handling of projects, CorEdu implements the evaluation for projects in the range of vocational training. 


As an external evaluator, CorEdu performs objective and special assessment. As an independent authority, CorEdu introduces constructive proposals for the governance and optimisation.

Educational travels

In most of the federal states, employees have the opportunity to be dispersed from their professional activity for a certain amount of time to take part in further education. Approved seminars can be visited during working hours. Depending on the state, the law for such further education in the Berufsbildungsgesetz (law for educational leave), in the Bildungsgesetz (law for the time for education) or in the Bildungsfreistellungsgesetz (law for educational leave).


You can find further information about the educational leave here. 


In cooperation with the Heinrich-Böll foundation and the Lohmarer Institut für Weiterbildung, CorEdu offers the following approved seminars:


Seminar "Hungary/Budapest - On the handling of democracy"

(Information on this trip can be found here.)


Seminar " Hungary - Between national identity and European belonging." 

(Information on this trip can be found here.)


Seminar "Slovakia/Košice - Trip to Roma in the East of Slovakia" - in 2015.


We are pleased to organise seminars for different providers and educational leave.