Coredu's Social responsibility

Social responsibility 


Dear Youth,

Dear Parents,

Dear teaching and training staff,


CorEdu is a young, dynamic enterprise in the vocational education and training sector in Leipzig. Our guiding principle is to promote and support cooperations in the vocational education and training between various actors in and outside Europe. 


We develop new ideas and methods for the promotion of vocational education and training, we bring together people and institutions with common interests and goals and we support young people in their professional life. 


We strive for synergies and cooperative working practices with other educational stakeholders. 


Based on our entrepreneurial principles, CorEdu and our partners consider it our responsibility to ensure that future generation receives appropriate education and employment and that their learning and work environment is shaped to their needs and possibilities. 


In this sense, we help young people to be adequately informed and advised when it comes to setting the course for their own future. Through our initiative „CorWay way into the future“ we offer young people mainly in the 8th to 10th classes the following programs: 

  • CorWay 1:     Who am I, what do I want?  - Based on the competence and interest analysis we look together with young people for the existing, more or less pronounced competences of their own person. Based on their own interests we design together a "future plan".
  • CorWay 2:     That´s me, I want it! - Through interactive workshop we enable young people to reflect on their own life situation, to develop own plans and to make own decisions. 
  • CorWay 3:     My way to the future! - Through the presentation of different professions and through company visits as well as placements in the company we accompany young people to gain insights into various occupational areas. 

Interested young people, schools and parents are welcomed to contact us. 


Enterprises who would like to support our initiative "CorWay 3 - My way into the future",  please contact us directly. Thank you! 


Dr. Eszter Csepe-Bannert